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Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be a frustrating and stressful experience for both men and women, and billions are spent on treating and preventing it each year. But what if a popular fitness supplement, creatine, is one of the culprits leading to hair loss in the first place?

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Mental Health vs Mental Illness: What’s the Difference?

It's completely normal to struggle with your mental health from time to time, especially if you're experiencing stress due to external factors like a global pandemic, the loss of a loved one, or problems at work.

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How to Use Viagra for Best Results

Taking Viagra for the first time can be intimidating and exciting. When you’ve been dealing with the frustrations of erectile dysfunction, Viagra can seem like a beacon of hope for your sex life.

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Three-Step Skincare Routine for Men

It’s simple — when you feel good about the skin you're in, you glow from within. We’re here to make things as easy as possible so you can start feeling good about you.

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Healthcare is Self-Care: Celebrating International Self-Care Day

When you hear the term ‘self-care,’ what comes to mind? Is it spa days, bubble baths, and day-long marathons of Netflix in bed (yes Netflix, we’re still watching)? We love that more indulgent side of self-care, but we think it goes beyond a mani-pedi.

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Vitamin A For Acne Explained

Vitamin A is a key player when it comes to cell redevelopment and growth, which is why it’s such a powerful ally when it comes to treating acne. It’s hard enough to remember to take our daily vitamins, so when it comes to knowing what each letter of the alphabet can do for us, it’s even harder.

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What Is a Mature Hairline?

It happens. You wake up one morning, look in the mirror, and notice something different about your hair. Specifically, it seems to have travelled back on your scalp. You might be wondering, is this a receding hairline? Are you balding? Or is this something else?

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Tretinoin vs Retinol: What's the Difference?

There's a plethora of skin care products out there that claim to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase collagen, treat acne, and improve overall skin texture. And a lot of them work. That’s because they include an active ingredient called retinoids. 

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Viagra and Alcohol Consumption: What You Need To Know

Viagra is a well-known drug that can help treat erectile dysfunction. However, since alcohol is frequently consumed by folks who are getting in the mood, it’s a good idea to understand how Viagra and alcohol interact.

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Stopping Birth Control? Let's Talk Side Effects

Knowing what to do, who to speak to and what comes next when you’re considering stopping birth control can feel like a confusing and overwhelming process, but we’re here to break down everything you need to know. Hint: it’s more straightforward than you think!

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