Why Felix is Launching Menopause Symptom Treatment to Help Canadians

Key Takeaways
  • Menopause currently impacts 10 million women* over the age of 40 in Canada, yet they remain severely underserved with almost half feeling that their symptoms are undertreated.
  • Unmanaged menopause symptoms can profoundly affect the quality of life of Canadian women* and, in some cases, leave them unable to work and at risk of developing serious long-term health issues. 
  • To better serve Canadians, Felix has launched a new program to treat symptoms of menopause that combines Health Canada-authorized medications with ongoing care from practitioners trained in menopause care.

We’re proud to announce that Felix now offers treatment for menopause symptoms. Why? Because menopause deserves attention.

Menopause Is Universal

Everyone with ovaries will reach this phase of life, yet, it has been misunderstood and highly stigmatized for decades. Even today, menopause care is not part of the standard curriculum in medical schools. This has left millions of Canadian women isolated, without adequate support to effectively recognize and manage their full range of menopause symptoms.  

Menopause Is About More Than Hot Flashes

Hormone fluctuations during the stages of menopause can trigger a number of symptoms (like brain fog, disrupted sleep, and even anxiety or depression) that can range from mild to intense. If left unmanaged, these hormonal fluctuations can increase the risk of serious long-term medical conditions like cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis — all of which can lead to a lower life expectancy. 

The harsher truth is that the symptoms of menopause are still trivialized, leading to a significant lack of treatment and care. Nearly half of women in Canada feel their symptoms are undertreated, and 1 in 10 women will leave their jobs due to the severity of their symptoms. Out of those who remain in the workforce, one-third say symptoms of menopause negatively impact their performance. This costs the Canadian economy an estimated $3.5 billion a year.

Despite the long-standing existence of proven medication options authorized for sale by Health Canada, treatment for menopause symptoms remains inaccessible. This is partly due to a historic misrepresentation of the risks associated with common medication options. As a result, there is a huge gap in menopause education, leaving a large portion of the healthcare community unaware of how to effectively treat symptoms. This has forced women seeking treatment to jump through unnecessary hoops and sit on long waitlists just to see a specialist. The reality is that most women aren’t able to get treatment at all.

Women Deserve Better

Women deserve someone who will take their symptoms seriously and invest in their long term health. They deserve to know about all their treatment options. They deserve a choice in how they manage their menopause journey. 

At Felix, our mission is to provide on-demand treatment for everyday health. We believe women deserve more convenient access to high-quality medical care. That’s why we’re proud to launch our new menopause program — designed to give women an easier way to find approved hormonal and non-hormonal treatments for their menopause symptoms, including medications, supplements, and medical guidance from Felix healthcare practitioners. The program offers a deeply customized approach to care from menopause-trained healthcare practitioners. This includes ongoing support, tailored recommendations, and education around the risks and benefits of each option.

Here’s How the Program Works:

Get a personalized treatment plan:  Patients start by completing an online questionnaire about their health history, goals, and symptoms. Then, a menopause-trained healthcare practitioner will review each patient's responses and build a personalized treatment plan for them.

Treatment delivered to your door: If the patient wants to move forward with treatment, we’ll ship their prescription right to their door. Each prescription will include detailed information about benefits, risks, and side effects. Plus, when your medication runs out, we'll automatically ship a refill so there’s no need to wait at the pharmacy ever again.

Support every step of the way:  Patients can schedule follow-ups as needed to check in on symptoms, make adjustments, and address any challenges or side effects. In between follow-ups, patients can message their practitioner through chat with any questions they might have — 24/7. 

We’re incredibly excited to help millions of Canadian women take control of their menopause journeys and manage their symptoms with simple, convenient access to treatment. We believe that women should have the tools they need to reclaim this phase of life — because they should be celebrating, not suffering. 

Click here to learn more about the Felix menopause program.

While our use of the term 'women' when talking about the menopause transition is based on existing scientific research and literature, we recognize this is not inclusive of everyone's experience. To the transgender men and non-binary folx who will experience menopause, and the transgender women who won't — know that we see you and are continuing to work toward a way to create space for everyone in this conversation.

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