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Dr. Kelly Anderson
Dr. Kelly Anderson
Family Physician, MD, CCFP(EM)
Dr. Meghan Daly
Dr. Meghan Daly
Family Physician, MD, CCFP(EM)
Dr. Nicole LaBrie
Dr. Nicole LaBrie
Family Physician, MD, CCFP
Dr. Sarah Lasuta
Dr. Sarah Lasuta
Family Physician, MD, CCFP
Dr. Sarah Peltz
Dr. Sarah Peltz
Urologist, MD, FRCSC
Dr. Matthew Solomon
Dr. Matthew Solomon
Family Physician, MD, CCFP(EM)
Dr. Melissa Torriero
Dr. Melissa Torriero
Family Physician, MD, CCFP
Dr. Michelle Van Raay
Dr. Michelle Van Raay
Family Physician, MD, CCFP, LMCC
Dr. Tanja Vlahovich
Dr. Tanja Vlahovich
Family Physician, MD, CCFP (EM)
Dr. Sheila Wijayasinghe
Dr. Sheila Wijayasinghe
Family Physician, MD, CCFP

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Great experience. Easy to navigate, easy to get my script filled. Staff are helpful, friendly and respond quickly. Would definitely recommend.


Very trustworthy and credible. They give the information you need and has great support from their doctors.


Oh my gosh. So amazing! Delivers right to your door, fast responses and they take my health care! I'm so impressed, this is definitely the future of prescriptions


Super convenient, and amazing customer service! The team always responds +++ fast and answers every question and concern. Very pleased with Felix!


Discreet, quick, very professional, and feels totally safe. This is such a convenient service and I'm a huge fan already.


Super helpful if you have questions. They get back to you instantly and care about your experience. I have had an awesome experience with them and will continue using Felix!


Sign up was a breeze, and items shipped faster than expected. A positive, painless experience from start to finish!


Very quick and easy to do. Can ask the doctor any questions about the medication. Only drawback is the initial fee, which is a bit pricey.


I really like how easy it is. I think you guys are doing something great. It's just a little pricey for me. But only because I used to be a student and had great prescription insurance!


Super simple to use! Got my meds in a timely manner. Excellent stuff.


The whole process of signing up with Felix, the online visit, and getting my prescription in the mail was very easy and very convenient.


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Got questions?
We have answers.

How much is the online visit?

In most cases, the fee for an online visit through Felix is $40.

How much will my medication cost?

It depends. Medication costs vary from treatment to treatment but will be in line with what you would pay at a pharmacy in person.. 

Keep in mind that you won’t necessarily need to pay the full price yourself. If you have insurance, Felix’s partner pharmacies will bill your insurer directly. You may also be eligible for financial support in your province.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards for any aspect of your treatment not covered by insurance or other financial support

Can I use my insurance with Felix?

Yes, during your online assessment we’ll ask you to upload your insurance card so we can bill your insurance company directly. 

Keep in mind that in Canada it’s not possible to pre-adjudicate in order to determine your precise coverage. This means our team cannot determine how much coverage you'll have until we actually bill your insurance for the medication.  

If you have questions about coverage, always reach out to your insurer.

How long will it take to get my medication?

Not long. Your online assessment can take as little as five minutes to complete. A practitioner will respond within 24 hours, and often much sooner.

The pharmacy will process and fill your prescription within 2-3 business days of your prescription approval date.

This will then be shipped via Express Post, which usually takes 2-3 business days. You will receive an email with your tracking number once your treatment has been shipped.

Does the online visit require a phone or video appointment?

Most assessments do not require a phone or video conversation. Once a prescriber has reviewed the info in your assessment they will respond to you via secure instant messages that you can access within your Felix account.  

How do I communicate with my Felix practitioner?

Your Felix practitioner will message you via secure instant message. You’ll receive an email when you have a new message and can respond to these from within your Felix account.

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