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Why Felix is Launching a Weight Loss Program to Help Millions of Canadians

Key Takeaways
  • People with bigger bodies have been stigmatized, mistreated, and misled for decades, despite the fact that 70% of our weight is determined by biological factors.
  • Over 7 million Canadians are currently battling obesity, which is causing a high number of health problems when left untreated.
  • Felix is creating personalized treatment plans that combine sustainable lifestyle changes with prescription weight loss medications to provide easier weight management.

Between TikTok, the Oscars and The New York Times, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the constant talk of new weight loss medications. Now that we’re offering weight loss treatment at Felix, we want to talk about why.

We know weight loss may be an uncomfortable topic for a lot of people, and rightfully so. Weight is deeply personal, and because it comes with a lot of stigma and misunderstanding, it can be tough to talk about. 

But we need to start having an open, evidence-based, non-judgemental conversation about weight and the impact it is having on our country. Today 7 million Canadians are struggling with obesity. Obesity is a leading cause of type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and cancer, and can have a significant impact on someone’s quality of life.  

For too long, people in bigger bodies have been stigmatized, mistreated, and misled about the most effective ways to improve their health. They have been told that being overweight is just a function of diet, exercise, and of course their own willpower.

In reality, the answer is much more complicated. Approximately 70% of our weight is determined by biological factors. Things like genetics, hormones, and metabolic rate play a key role that diet and exercise alone can’t always overcome. The advancements in clinically-approved weight loss medications are finally providing an effective way to address those biological factors.

At Felix, our mission is to provide on-demand treatment for everyday health, and we are no strangers to offering judgement-free treatment in deeply stigmatized categories. We believe it is critical to increase access to effective weight loss medication including the care and lifestyle coaching that make results most sustainable. 

We are delivering this with our unique weight loss program. It combines access to prescription medication and a holistic, personalized approach to weight management that includes an educational curriculum to make lasting lifestyle change, plus unlimited ongoing support from a healthcare practitioner.

Here’s how the program works

  1. Get a personalized treatment plan:  Patients start by completing an online questionnaire about their health history and goals. They’ll have a video chat with a Felix healthcare practitioner who ensures prescription treatment is appropriate, creates a personalized plan, and answers any questions they may have. Most patients will require lab testing, and we take care of all the paperwork — all they need to do is get the tests done.
  2. Treatment delivered to your door: If treatment is approved, we ship patients’ prescriptions right to their door. We’ll send all the information needed to feel comfortable with the treatment: step-by-step instructions and video guides. Plus, we manage all the refills so there’s no need to wait at the pharmacy ever again. 
  3. Support every step of the way:  Patients will also learn how to make lifestyle changes that stick with our sustainable weight loss course which covers topics like goal setting, nutrition and exercise. As they adjust to the medication, they’ll have regular follow-up visits with their practitioner to check in on progress and address any challenges or side effects. Ongoing unlimited support with their healthcare practitioner also means they can ask questions anytime they have them.

We’re so excited to help millions of Canadians manage their weight and unlock the health benefits that come with it, including lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, improved sleep quality, and more. To learn more about the Felix weight loss program, visit our website here.

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