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Can I Get Weight Loss Prescription Medication Online?

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Managing our weight is something that many people struggle with throughout their lives. Unfortunately, despite their good intentions, the ‘eat less, move more’ movement doesn’t take a lot of outside factors into account. Factors that have a huge impact on weight management.

Biological and genetic factors play a huge role in weight management. With the busy lives and complicated schedules that everyone manages day-to-day, there are some things that willpower can’t simply overcome.

Is there a prescription for weight loss that can help you? Whether you’re looking to lose weight to improve your overall health, or to improve your vitality, Felix’s healthcare practitioners can help guide you towards the best, safest solutions to meet your health goals.

If you don’t know the rules regarding how to get prescribed weight loss medications in Canada, this page is for you.

Who Can Prescribe Weight Loss Medication?

In Canada, only a licensed healthcare practitioner (i.e., doctor, registered nurse, licensed prescriber, etc.) can prescribe weight loss medications for use.

These same rules apply to online prescription weight loss medications, so you can’t simply order these treatments online without first talking to and getting the support of a healthcare professional. Professionals like the ones you’ll find at Felix.

Can a Psychiatrist Prescribe Weight Loss Medication?

Assuming that your psychiatrist is licensed to prescribe medications to their patients, then yes, a psychiatrist may be able to prescribe weight loss medications for you.

However, like any other healthcare practitioner, your psychiatrist will want to ensure that weight loss medications are the best option for you.

They’ll also likely suggest a physical and mental health regimen that you can perform, in addition to taking weight loss medications, to help you achieve the best possible results.

Can an OB-GYN Prescribe Weight Loss Medication?

Just like with other specialists, OB-GYNs can prescribe weight loss medication, as long as they’re licensed to provide medications to their patients.

They’ll also want to do an assessment with you, to discuss other factors that could contribute to your weight management goals.

In addition to any prescribed weight loss medications, the OB-GYN will likely suggest changes to your diet, as well as a sustainable exercise regimen to assist with your weight loss goals.

How Much Do Weight Loss Prescription Medications Cost?

There are a number of different prescription medications used for weight loss in Canada, and they each have their own unique per month costs.

Unfortunately, this means that there is no single answer for how much prescription weight loss medications cost. It really depends on which medication you’re being prescribed, as well as the frequency and size of your dosages.

As an example, one of the weight loss medications that Felix’s healthcare practitioners are able to prescribe, costs anywhere from $300 per pen to $500 per box. With Felix, this amounts to approximately $500 per month. This equals about $6,000 a year.

If you’re curious about weight loss medication costs, talk to your healthcare practitioner at Felix. They will be able to tell you about what weight loss medications will work for you, based on your medical history and health needs, as well as their respective costs.

Are Prescription Weight Loss Drugs Covered by Insurance?

This is a question that Felix can’t answer definitively. Each person’s individual insurance company and policies will determine whether they’re eligible for prescription weight loss medication coverage.

Be sure to contact your benefits administrator with your information, as well as the Drug Identification Number (DIN) and drug name. Some specific drug providers also offer coverage programs of their own, so it’s a good idea to check. Looking into these will give you the guidance you need to move forward with any online prescriptions provided by Felix.

How to Get a Weight Loss Medication Prescription Online

Have you been wondering how to get a prescribed weight loss medication online? The only way in Canada is to have an assessment done by a licensed healthcare practitioner, like the ones you’ll find at Felix.

Just start an online visit with Felix today, and you can meet with one of our healthcare practitioners from the comfort of your own home.

If your practitioner believes that a weight loss medication would be the right choice for you, we can ship it directly to your home at no additional cost.

Ready to take back control of your health? The experts at Felix are here to help.

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