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What You Need to Know About Felix's Weight Loss Program Pricing

Key Takeaways
  • We commit to sharing straightforward information about the costs involved so you know exactly what's included in the program.
  • The program has an initial program fee of $99, in addition to a $40 checkup visit fee that occurs once a month until your steady state dose. These fees are pre-authorized upon submission of the intake quiz, and are only charged when a prescription is written.
  • The prescription weight loss medication costs vary by medication, starting from $315 per pen to approximately $500 per box in some cases.
  • Weight loss treatment may or may not be covered by private insurance plans. Around 40% of patients have seen some or all of their first prescription covered while some providers only cover the first one or two prescriptions.

At Felix, we believe weight loss programs should provide judgement-free treatment and address biological factors such as genetics, hormones and metabolic rate that determine your weight — while being completely transparent about all costs involved.

Let's go over everything our program includes, as well as how much it costs and what exactly you’re getting.

How much does the weight loss program cost?

Here’s a breakdown of the weight loss program pricing structure that includes the initial program fee upon approval, charges for each checkup visit, and costs for the prescription weight loss medication.

Treatment component


When are you charged?

What’s included?

Initial program fee


The fee is pre-authorized once your online visit is submitted. The fee is only charged if your visit is approved and a prescription is issued. 

If the visit is canceled or denied at any point, the pre-authorized fee should slip off your credit card within a few days.

  • Essential supplies for your prescribed treatment
  • Your video appointment with your healthcare practitioner
  • Access to  online weight loss resources

Checkup visit fee


This fee applies to each check-up visit, generally occurring monthly until your steady state dose is reached, and then at less frequent intervals as determined by your healthcare practitioner.

  • A virtual checkup for a new prescription

Prescription medication without insurance coverage

Prices differ with the prescription, ranging from $315 to $550.

Charged every time your prescription is filled

The cost of some prescription weight loss medications starts from $315 per pen. With this medication, patients with a dose greater than 1 mg weekly will require two pens per month.

Other injectable medications cost about $550 per box of 5 pre-filled pen lasting at least 1-month. And oral medications cost $400 per bottle containing 120 tablets lasting at least 1-month.

  • Prescription medication delivered to your door free of charge

How can insurance help with the weight loss program pricing?

Our weight loss treatment may or may not be covered by your private insurance plan, so you’ll need to contact your insurance provider directly for more information regarding your coverage. However, it may help to know that we’ve seen about 40% of patients get some or all of their first prescription covered. We have noticed that some providers cover only the first one or two injectors.

You can upload your private and/or provincial insurance information during your online visit, and our pharmacy partner will apply any coverage you’re eligible for before shipping your first treatment. We’ll also submit your medication insurance claim directly to your provider on your behalf so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

It's important to note that insurance coverage for online medications through Felix doesn't include the cost of your assessment.

How do I know if my insurance plan will help cover the weight loss program?

To determine whether your insurance plan will help cover your weight loss medication, contact your insurance benefits administrators with the following information:

  • your details
  • the Drug Identification Number (printed on your medication package)
  • your drug name

Even if your insurance provider covers this type of weight loss medication, you may need to meet specific medical criteria or provide documentation from your healthcare practitioner in order to be eligible for coverage.

Now that you know everything about how pricing works for our program, you’re ready to take the next step in your weight loss journey.

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