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Understanding your Refill Schedule

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Amidst a laundry list of life tasks and errands, it can be difficult to keep track of when you’ll need your medication refilled. If you’re a Felix patient, you don’t have to worry about having to remember, as we automate prescription refills for you. No more last-minute runs to the walk-in clinic or pharmacy before your last pack of medication comes to an end.

As a Felix user, you have control over the medication schedule that works best for you. From early refill requests to changing how often you’ll receive your medication, the power is always in your hands.

When will my refill be processed?

This depends on the refill schedule you selected during your online visit. If you choose to receive your medication monthly, the pharmacy will process your request to get your medication to you on time each month. If you select receiving a three months supply at one time, you can expect a package with three months’ worth of your medication to arrive every three months (isn’t math fun?). Depending on your treatment, you can always change your preferred schedule by contacting the Felix customer support team.

For each refill, no matter your chosen schedule, we will trigger your automated refill for your prescription with the pharmacy eight days before you would be expected to run out of your medication. This is the date shown within your Felix account profile and takes into account holidays, weekends and delays with Canada Post, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your medication will arrive in plenty of time.

While we will schedule your automated refills for you—in line with your chosen schedule—you can pause your prescription at any time if you decide you don’t need your medication at the time it is set to be sent.

What else could affect my refill schedule?

There are some occasions when your prescription schedule may change, for example, due to limitations set by your insurance provider or your provincial benefits provider. If you are covered under OHIP+ and have not received the medication before, then the first fill will be for a one month’s supply due to regulations set by OHIP. Following this, you will receive a three months’ supply at a time.

What if I need my prescription ahead of schedule?

We understand that things can change, and you might need your prescription ahead of schedule. We’re here to help when you need to plan for travel, can’t find your last pack or have run out of your medication earlier than anticipated. You can request an early refill at any time from within your account. You will be asked to include the reason for your early refill request as this is required by our pharmacy to ensure that you’re using your medication safely and is also required by insurance providers.

It takes time for the pharmacy to process your prescription refills and get this shipped to your door, so please note that there is a five-day window between the day you make your request and when we can get this to you.

Interested in cutting out pharmacy pickups and refill reminders from your endless to-do list? Then you should get started with Felix.

And If you are an existing Felix user with questions about your refills you can reach out to us at any time at

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