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How Often Do Men Need to Ejaculate?

Do you worry about masturbating too much? Or have you read an article about the health benefits of ejaculating in the news and wonder if you're doing it enough? It's completely normal to wonder what's normal.

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Everything You Need to Know About Blue Balls

You may have heard people use the term blue balls when talking about sexual frustration. Did you know blue balls are a very real medical condition?

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Can You Start Birth Control Pills on Your Period?

There's a lot of different information out there about when and how to start birth control. If you’ve been thinking about starting birth control, you need all the facts to make an informed decision about your health.

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How to Stay Hard: Your Complete Guide to Maintaining an Erection

Odds are, you’re reading this alone. Maybe you’re on your phone, with the screen tilted in such a way that someone else can’t see what you’ve pulled up. You might even delete your search history after getting the answers you seek about your sexual health.

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Cialis vs. Viagra: The Hard Facts

Before we answer your questions about Viagra and Cialis, we want to tell you something important.

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Introducing Mental Health Services at Felix

Five months ago, we asked Felix subscribers which service we could add that would most make a difference to their lives. The response was clear. Almost 50% of customers chose mental health — far more than any other option.

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How Long Does Viagra Last?

How long does Viagra last? It turns out the answer is a little more complicated than you might think. That’s because the answer really does depend on what kind of results you're looking for.

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Does Alcohol Affect Birth Control?

Birth control and alcohol: can the two get along? The short answer is yes, you can still drink if you’re taking birth control––alcohol doesn’t make birth control less effective. 

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Can You Get Pregnant on the Pill?

The effectiveness and convenience of the pill have been a game-changer making it the contraception of choice for many women. In fact, oral contraception is the second most commonly used contraception in Canada (closely following condoms).

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It’s Time to Stop Accepting the Barriers to Birth Control

Jumping through hoops just to get birth control has become so commonplace that we’ve come to blindly accept it. But when we step back, is birth control really something to hide? Is starting birth control somehow wrong? Of course not. ‍

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