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It’s time to stop accepting the barriers to birth control

Jumping through these hoops and many others, just to get birth control, has become so commonplace that we’ve come to blindly accept it. But when we step back, is birth control really something to hide? Is starting birth control somehow wrong? Of course not. ‍

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Does Viagra make you last longer?

The main effect of Viagra — and other ED medications — is well understood by most people. But will Viagra make you last longer?

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Your migraine treatment just got a whole lot easier

Starting today, being prepared just got a whole lot easier. Felix is now offering migraine medication to our growing list of or services

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Cialis and alcohol: What you need to know

So what does it mean if you’re taking Cialis and plan having a drink? Is taking Cialis and drinking alcohol completely out of the question?And while we’re on the subject, what about other side effects of combining alcohol and Cialis?

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