Summer Skin Care 101: 7 Top Tips

Key Takeaways

Whether raising hairs when cold, producing sweat to keep cool, tanning to protect against UV light or producing oil to trap water, skin changes with the scene and season to keep you healthy. 

So why not help your skin by giving it what it needs this summer? These are our top tips for adapting your skin care practices for summer.

Make sure you’re taking off the day

Warmer temperatures mean spending more time outdoors and exposing the skin to more foreign substances such as dirt, pollution, bacteria, and even pesticides [1]. 

Ensuring you have a good cleanser that is capable of lifting dirt, makeup, and sunscreen from the skin without stripping can help decrease environmental stress and may help lower your risk of irritation and skin congestion [2]. 

The Consonant Natural Foaming Face Wash is an excellent choice as it's tough on grime while still being gentle on the skin.

Switch to a lighter moisturizer

As the air temperature increases, so do moisture levels. 

With more water in the air, skin is often more hydrated and doesn’t require as much oil to stay flexible. 

Switching to a lighter moisturizer helps keep skin balanced by reducing the occlusive barrier while still supporting a healthy moisture mantle. 

The Consonant Balancing Face Cream is a lightweight, non-pore-blocking formula with nourishing plant botanicals and no greasy residue.

Find a sunscreen you love

Longer days and stronger rays mean more opportunities for UV light damage [3].

 The key to good sun protection is consistency [3]. Finding a sunscreen that suits your lifestyle means you're more likely to wear it daily and reapply regularly. 

Look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30. 

The Consonant Perfect Sunscreen is a 100%mineral-based sunscreen that helps protect against UV rays while lightly moisturizing and evening skin tone.

Take advantage of the humidity

With more water in the air, less water evaporates from the skin. 

Take advantage of surface hydration by applying a hydrating serum in the morning. 

The humectant (water-binding) ingredients in hydration serums act as a net and capture and lock water. 

This helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, keeps skin soft and flexible, and helps support the skin moisture barrier. 

This is especially important for mature skin, as natural hydrating ingredients in the skin decrease with age [4]. 

Try the Consonant HydrExtreme serum; it’s super lightweight, absorbs quickly, and is clinically proven to hydrate better than pure hyaluronic acid.

Rinse regularly

Warmer temperatures coupled with increased sweating often lead to an increase in bacteria on our skin and clothing [5, 6].

In addition to frequently changing clothing, rinse skin in cool water regularly. 

To prevent over-cleansing, use a gentle soap on only the key bacteria-breeding areas (pits, bits, holes, and soles) and just use water everywhere else [7]. 

This ensures that areas that harbour potentially harmful bacteria are properly cleansed while the skin’s natural microbiome remains intact [7].

Feed your face

With cooling treats and eats everywhere, don’t forget to take advantage of the seasonal produce for the sake of your skin. 

Summer crops like watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes, greens, and stone fruits are delicious, but they also contain countless vitamins, minerals and plant phytochemicals that provide the building blocks for healthy skin [8, 9].

Hydrate inside and out

Hydrated skin starts from within. 

The skin is a storage area for water [10]. When the body becomes dehydrated, it prioritizes the function of essential organs and draws water from the skin [10]. 

Ensuring you’re drinking plenty of water, herbal tea, and juicy produce will help prevent dehydration in the body and skin. Hydrated skin looks visibly plump, healthy, and radiant.

Whether you're spending the summer by the dock, on a patio, sightseeing or jet-setting, try switching up your summer routine for the sake of your skin! 

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