Meet our fresh new skincare offering

Your skin is unique, and you should be able to give it the personalized care it deserves when you experience acne. That’s where the new Felix acne service can help.

Brand new this month, we have even more acne treatment options and a new skin care quiz that’s hyper-personalized just for you.

So what’s new?

1. A smarter quiz

Our new and improved smart quiz will recommend acne treatment packages based on your profile. From oily skin to dry and sensitive, treatments are always personalized for you.

2. Options for days

From topical treatments to oral acne medication and prescription-based washes, get the routine that covers all bases.

3. Your skin, your rules

Choose how frequently you want Felix to ship your acne treatment. We’ll ship it to your door with free two day shipping.

4. Unlimited follow ups

We know finding the right skin care routine is a process. Take advantage of free text-based check-ins with your Felix doctor any time.

The same Felix standards

While the treatments might be new, you can expect the same high standards from your Felix treatment. Our treatments are prescribed by licensed Canadian doctors and filled by an accredited Canadian pharmacy.

Ready to get started? Explore what treatment might be right for your skin by starting an online visit now.

Felix Team
Updated on:
February 19, 2023
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