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Injectable Semaglutide Titration & Price

Key Takeaways

Dosing for weight management is generally higher than the dosing for diabetes. Generally speaking, injectable semaglutide dosing starts at 0.25 milligrams (mg) every week. Dosing typically increases every 4 weeks depending on your body’s response to the medication. Once you reach a dosage of above 1 mg, it starts to differ. 

The maximum dose for the treatment of diabetes is 1 mg. The maximum weight management dose is 2.4 mg. From 1mg, the dosage will generally be  increased to 1.7mg, then the maximum dose of 2.4mg.

Dosage Potential Costs for Ozempic* Potential Costs for Wegovy*
0.25 mg Starts at $315 Starts at $500
0.5 mg Starts at $315 Starts at $500
1 mg Starts at $315 Starts at $500
> 1 mg Start at $630 Starts at $500

*Prices shown do not reflect provincial or private insurance coverage and may vary by province.


The cost of injectable semaglutide varies because the different brand medication pens are different costs, as seen in the table above.

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