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How to Use the Wegovy Pen

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So you've been prescribed Wegovy. You might be wondering how exactly to use the Wegovy pen or you may be new to injectables.

Watch this step-by-step video on how to use your Wegovy pen.

You can also read on for step-by-step instructions.

You can also read on for step-by-step instructions.

Step one: Prepare for the injection

Wash your hands. Check the name and coloured label on the pen to make sure you're taking the right dose, and that the Wegovy in your pen is clear and colourless—like water. Take a new needle package, tear off the paper tab, and attach the needle. Pull off both needle caps. 

Step two: New pen? Check the flow

If you're using a new pen, check the flow by turning the dose selector to select the flow check symbol. Press and hold the dose button—a drop should appear. If a drop does not appear, check the flow again. Note that this should only be done twice. If there is still no drop, change the needle and check the flow again. If a drop still does not appear, dispose of the pen and use a new one.

Note: You do not need to check the flow if your pen is already in use. Only check the flow if you are using a new pen.

Step three: Select your dose

Turn the dose selector until the dose counter shows your prescribed dose.

Step four: Inject your dose

Inject your dose to a clean dry area (washed with soap and water). Ensure that you can clearly see the dose counter and how many milligrams you have selected before injecting this medicine. Insert the needle. Press and hold down the dose button, and slowly count to 6. Remove the needle from your skin.  

Step five: After your injection

Place the outer cap back on the needle, carefully unscrew the needle and dispose of it in the medical sharps container provided in your shipment. Put the pen cap back on. 

For dosage information and further directions, please read the pamphlet that came with your shipment.

Tips for using Wegovy:

  • The best places on your body to inject are the upper legs (thighs), your lower abdomen, or your upper arms.
  • Wegovy should be injected subcutaneously (under the skin) and not into a muscle or vein.
  • Choose a new injection site from week to week to avoid skin irritation.

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