Where do you go for hair loss?

The best place to go for hair loss is, firstly, a licensed healthcare practitioner, like the ones at Felix. That’s because they will be able to determine if you are experiencing androgenic alopecia, also known as male-pattern baldness, or if you might have an underlying health condition that is contributing to hair loss and that needs to be addressed first.

During an initial consultation, they may ask about your diet, lifestyle, hair styling routine, stress levels, and other factors that may impact your hair. They will also ask about your family history, like whether your parents or grandparents experienced hair loss. A blood test could also be used to determine if there is an underlying medical conditions or diseases. If being assessed in person, the healthcare practitioner may pull out a few strands of hair to determine what stage of hair loss you’re at, and they may even conduct scalp biopsies to reveal if there is an infection that is contributing to the hair loss. These assessments will determine the best course of action, and if they find that you have male pattern baldness, they can also prescribe a widely used and effective treatment.

Felix is making this process comfortable and convenient for Canadians. Just complete an online assessment and you can request hair loss medication from your healthcare practitioner. Our pharmacy partners can then discreetly deliver your medication, right to your door - for free!