What doctor can I see for hair loss?

A primary care practitioner will be able to diagnose most hair loss conditions and can carry out initial assessments, after which they may refer you to a dermatologist who can offer a range of treatments. Alternatively, if other treatments aren’t needed but you’re dealing with male-pattern baldness, they can prescribe or recommend appropriate treatments.

You can also have an online visit through a platform like Felix, where you’ll go through an assessment that will be reviewed by a licensed Canadian healthcare practitioner before they prescribe you a treatment. Since understanding your underlying health conditions is important before a practitioner can prescribe a treatment for hair loss, you may also have to get a blood test done in advance of getting a prescription. Once you have your prescription through Felix, you can have your hair loss treatment mailed to your home for free on a timeline that works for you.

If you already have a prescription for hair loss treatment, you can transfer this over to Felix and skip the trips to the pharmacy to refill your prescription.