Is Freya available in Canada?

Freya is available in Canada with a prescription. You can get a Freya prescription through a licensed healthcare practitioner, a family doctor, or a walk-in clinic in Canada will also be able to provide a Freya prescription. The doctor might as you when your last pap smear was, and if you’re overdue for one the doctors may only give you a prescription for a few months, encouraging you to get your regular pap smear and then come back for a longer prescription. You can also get a Freya prescription through an online healthcare provider like Felix. You can set up an online consultation, provide the necessary information about your medical history and anything else that may be relevant, and get your Freya prescription without having to leave your home, if medically appropriate. If you would like your medication dispensed by our Felix Pharmacy network, you can then have your Freya prescription delivered directly to your home so you can skip the pharmacy trip, too.