How can menopause be treated?

Treatment for menopause symptoms can differ in approach depending on the severity of symptoms along with your individual lifestyle and health needs. 

At its core, Menopause is about hormone fluctuations. Severe symptoms can be treated by rebalancing hormone levels. Taking hormones can smooth these fluctuations and help relieve symptoms. These medication options typically come in several different forms (pill, patch, cream) to accommodate various lifestyles.

For those who may have milder symptoms, allergies, or cannot take hormonal options, non-hormonal medications designed to treat specific individual symptoms can help alleviate discomfort. 

While they don’t target symptoms themselves, some vitamins and supplements can also help your general well-being by contributing to areas like energy levels and sleep.

Connect with a Felix healthcare practitioner trained in menopause symptom management to discuss what treatment options might be right for your symptoms and lifestyle.