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Weight Management Course Module 2 | Find Your WhyPower

We know how frustrating it is to try to lose weight and never see the results you want. Most people rely on sheer willpower, which is tiring and ineffective — not to mention disheartening. What’s really needed to create sustainable changes is WhyPower.

In this video, you’ll learn all about your WhyPower: your personal, strong, emotional reason for wanting to make a change to your health and well-being.  Your heartfelt reasons for wanting to change will be the driving force that propels you to sustainable weight loss and a healthy lifestyle that feels great. 

To do: Find your WhyPower using the 5 Whys exercise in the worksheet. In this exercise, you’ll continue asking yourself the question “why” until you find your deeper reason for wanting to lose weight.

Module 2 Worksheet

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Dr. Michelle Tubman
Updated on:
May 19, 2023
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