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Let's make things simpler

If you’re currently taking medication for mental health conditions Felix is here to help. 

By enabling you to get your medication delivered, we make it easy to have the right medication on hand, when you need it most.

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How all of this works.

No more clinic waitrooms. Or pharmacy pickups. Or awkward conversations.

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  1. Your current prescription

    Let us know know what you have previously been prescribed and how this is working for you

  2. Mental health check-in

    Get your healthcare practitioner up to speed on how you’ve been feeling recently and what symptoms you’ve been experiencing

  3. Free + Fast Delivery

    We’ll ship your medication to your door, in a discreet package, for free.

Real reviews, from real people.

Here's what our patients are saying.

Great experience. Easy to navigate, easy to get my script filled. Staff are helpful, friendly and respond quickly. Would definitely recommend . . . - especially in these Covid-19 times!


Very trustworthy and credible. They give the information you need and has great support from their doctors.


Oh my gosh. So amazing! Delivers right to your door, fast responses and they take my health care! I'm so impressed, this is definitely the future of prescriptions


Super convenient, and amazing customer service! The team always responds +++ fast and answers every question and concern. Very pleased with Felix!


Discreet, quick, very professional, and feels totally safe. This is such a convenient service and I'm a huge fan already.


Super helpful if you have questions. They get back to you instantly and care about your experience. I have had an awesome experience with them and will continue using Felix!


Sign up was a breeze, and items shipped faster than expected. A positive, painless experience from start to finish!


Painless process. (No pun intended). Impossible to get doctors appointment during pandemic. If it is a simple renewal/prescription, use online practitioners and leave the actual visits for the ailing and infirm.


Very quick and easy to do. Can ask the doctor any questions about the medication. Only drawback is the initial fee, which is a bit pricey.


I really like how easy it is. I think you guys are doing something great. It's just a little pricey for me. But only because I used to be a student and had great prescription insurance!


I am very impressed with this service - I have not received my medication just yet but so far the service I have received has been efficient and very friendly.


Super simple to use! Got my meds in a timely manner. Excellent stuff.


The whole process of signing up with Felix, the online visit, and getting my prescription in the mail was very easy and very convenient.


Transparent pricing.

At Felix, it’s our goal to make pricing as transparent and easy as the care we provide. Here’s how it works.

Online visit fee

  • Reviewed by a Canadian healthcare practitioner
  • Includes up to 6 months of refills

Medication cost

Depends on the drug +
Free shipping
  • Choose a refill schedule that works for you
  • Direct billing with your insurance provider
  • Pharmacist on call for any questions

Got questions?
We have answers.

What is mental illness?

Mental illness is an umbrella term for a variety of different mental health conditions such as major depressive disorder, general anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and many others. Mental illnesses can cause you stress and have a negative effect on your ability to function on an everyday basis and interact with others.

How can I treat my mental health condition?

Most mental health conditions can be managed by regularly taking medication prescribed by healthcare practitioners and by attending psychotherapy or counselling sessions with licensed mental health professionals. Other things such as getting the right amount of sleep, exercise and eating well, can contribute to mental health treatment.

What types of treatment do you offer?

Felix offers prescription medication for mental health conditions such as general anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder.

I’ve never been on medication for my mental health condition before. Can I get my first prescription from Felix?

Unfortunately, we are only able to renew and adjust existing mental health prescriptions on Felix at this time. We’d suggest you visit your family doctor or local walk in clinic for an in person assessment of your mental health needs if you’ve never been treated before. If you are suicidal or having a mental health emergency, please attend the emergency, call 911 or the crisis line at 1-833-456-4566.

Am I covered by my insurance?

Medication coverage varies greatly between different plans, provinces and has specific criteria that determine eligibility. We recommend that you upload your private and/or provincial benefit card during the online visit so that our pharmacy partner can apply any coverage you are eligible for before shipping your meds.

  • Prescribed by licensed healthcare practitioners
  • Filled by an accredited Canadian pharmacy
  • 100% private, secure, PHIPA compliant

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