How Many Doses are in My First Ozempic Pen?

Key Takeaways
  • Your first Ozempic pen has over four weeks of medication — enough until your next shipment arrives, even if your dosage increases.
  • After your four-week virtual checkup, use your first Ozempic pen to administer the updated dosing provided by your healthcare practitioner.
  • You may or may not be titrated up to a higher dose after your virtual checkup, so continue using your first pen as directed by your practitioner.

Curious about how dosages work with your first pen? We'll go over how many doses are in an injector and what happens if your dosage changes.

Your first pen contains 2 mg, so if you are at 0.25 mg to start it would provide four injections at 0.25 mg for the first four week prescription. In these first four weeks you would have used 1 mg (0.25 mg x four weeks) so there would still be 1 mg left over. 

After you complete your virtual checkup by week four, you will receive a new prescription with direction on the new dose from your healthcare practitioner. These new instructions can increase, decrease, or maintain your dose. You will be able to use the 1 mg remaining in your first Ozempic pen to complete these doses after week four. 

The below example helps to visualize if your dose increases to 0.5mg after week four. Remember, you may or may not be titrated up to a higher dose after your virtual checkup. 

As you can see, if your new prescription is increased to 0.5 mg after your virtual checkup, you still have two more weeks worth of medication in your pen.

Please note that this example serves as a visual aid only to estimate the possible number of doses in your first pen. Make sure to use your pen as instructed by your healthcare practitioner.

After your virtual checkup is approved, our pharmacy will process your next medication shipment based on your current dosing and dosing instructions of the renewal. They have also taken processing and shipping times into account, so you can rest easy knowing your next refill will be on schedule. 

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