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Everything You Need to Know About Renewing Your Injectable Semaglutide Prescription

Key Takeaways
  • Injectable semaglutide prescription renewals are necessary to continue your treatment, and Felix makes the process straightforward  and convenient.
  • The renewal process involves monthly checkup visits with your healthcare practitioner to track your progress and make any necessary dosage adjustments.
  • The checkup visit includes completing a virtual health assessment questionnaire, discussing your treatment with your practitioner, and receiving a new prescription via chat or video if deemed clinically appropriate.
  • Lab visits are typically not required for prescription renewals unless specifically requested by your healthcare practitioner.
  • The cost of each renewal checkup visit is $40, and you can only renew your prescription after receiving a notification by email for your checkup visit. However, exceptions can be made for early renewals due to specific circumstances like vacation planning.

Managing your prescription renewals will help you stay on track with your treatment. Luckily, renewing your injectable semaglutide prescription with Felix is a breeze. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the process and provide answers to some of your most common questions.

What are renewals and when do you need them?

An injectable semaglutide renewal is an updated prescription for more injectable semaglutide pens. 

Your Felix practitioner will provide a monthly prescription initially, allowing them to track your progress and adjust the dosage if necessary. To accommodate any potential dose increase after the first four weeks, your first injectable semaglutide pen will include more than a month's supply of medication. This ensures you'll have enough medication following any dosage adjustments from your practitioner until the arrival of your next shipment.

Around three weeks after your first injectable semaglutide treatment is approved, you’ll receive an email inviting you to a virtual checkup. This checkup visit gives you a chance to share your progress and let your practitioner know how things have been going so far. 

You’ll go through this renewal process each month until you reach a stable dose. Keep an eye out for these monthly checkup notifications until you reach a dosage that works well for you. Then, your practitioner can decide to extend your prescription duration to 3-6 months.

The renewal process: How it works

Your checkup visit and renewal will feel like a familiar, shorter version of the initial health assessment questionnaire you took to get started. 

Renewals: step by step

  1. Complete your virtual checkup health questionnaire
  2. Wait for your practitioner to review it and message you
  3. Chat with your practitioner, ask them any questions you have about your treatment, share information about side effects you may be experiencing, and discuss whether a dose increase is required
  4. Your practitioner will confirm your new prescription via chat

Based on your conversation, your dosage will either be maintained or updated as needed for your next prescription. Then, once your prescription is approved, Felix will discreetly and conveniently ship your next course of injectable semaglutide to your doorstep. 

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to do another lab visit?

No, you most likely won’t need another lab visit to renew your injectable semaglutide prescription. If your healthcare practitioner does require additional lab tests, they’ll let you know. 

How much will my checkup visit cost?

Each renewal checkup visit costs $40.

Can I renew before I receive a notification?

Since it’s important for your healthcare practitioner to understand your body’s response to injectable semaglutide, typically you won’t be able to renew your prescription until you receive a notification by email for your checkup visit. You should receive this notification during week 3. 

If you need an early renewal for a specific reason, like vacation planning, reach out to customer service at hello@felixforyou.ca.

How long will my current treatment last?

If you’re starting at a 0.25 mg dose, your treatment will last either 6 weeks or 4 weeks depending on what medication you’ve been prescribed. For other doses, your remaining treatment may last for less time.

Your healthcare practitioner will advise you of any dose adjustments as part of your checkup visit, and let you know how to administer your remaining treatment with your current pen until your next shipment arrives.

If your response to the medication changes, book a call with a Felix pharmacist at any time to discuss your prescription.

What happens if I don’t receive a renewal notification?

If you think you should have gotten a renewal notice but haven't, please contact us at hello@felixforyou.ca, and we'll be happy to help.

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