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How to Properly Store Wegovy: Need to Know Info

Key Takeaways
  • Proper Storage: Store your Wegovy pen in the refrigerator between 2 to 8˚C before its first. After its first use, store your pen below 30°C, or in the refrigerator (2 to 8˚C) to maintain effectiveness and prevent side effects.
  • Temperature Control: Fluctuations outside the recommended range can have adverse effects. 
  • Stability Check: Ensure medication stability by checking the clear and colourless liquid through the pen's window. Use within the 8 week shelf life indicated on the pharmacy label.
  • Proper Disposal: Safely dispose of used Wegovy pens using the provided sharps disposal kit and instructions.
  • Remember to consult a Felix pharmacist or contact the Felix team for further assistance.

Keeping your medication stored properly is part of responsible use. After all, if your medication isn’t properly stored, it could decrease in effectiveness, become ineffective altogether, or potentially cause side effects.

Read on to see how to properly store your Wegovy pen and what to look for in order to tell if your medication is still able to be used.

As you know, Wegovy is one of several medications available for weight management through Felix. You can request it specifically, but your prescription is always subject to approval from your Felix practitioner. If your prescription is approved, we’ll ship it right to your door for free.

Proper temperature requirements for your Wegovy pen

The medication in your Wegovy pen needs to be stored in a refrigerator with a temperature of 2 to 8°C before its first use in order to be stable. After its first use, it needs to be stored at a temperature below 30˚C or in a refrigerator (2 to 8˚C)—the pen can be kept for 8 weeks when stored within these temperature ranges. Before using, check that the liquid inside is clear and colourless, like water, with no floating or particulate matter. 

If your medication has been exposed to temperatures above 30°C, has been frozen, or has been outside of the refrigerator for more than 8 weeks, throw it out. Exceeding the range on either side of this spectrum can result in adverse effects.

Since we process and ship the medication at room temperature, it will be stable for up to 28 days if stored below 30˚C. 

If the medication ingredients fluctuate in temperature outside of the approved levels, you could experience hypersensitivity allergic reactions. If you’re not sure if you’ve had a reaction, contact a healthcare professional, go to an emergency department, or call 911. If it’s not an emergency, contact your Felix practitioner.

Shipping information for your Wegovy pen

How much medication will I receive at once?

When you first start your prescription will be monthly. We’ll ship your first Wegovy pen once you’re approved, then approximately every four weeks after receiving your prescription. In order to receive your second pen and further doses, you’ll need to complete a virtual checkup so we can confirm your prescription.

This schedule gives our medical team time to monitor your body’s response and gradually increase your dose as needed. Once you’re at a steady dose, you’ll be provided with a longer prescription period.

It’s crucial to maintain the temperature of your Wegovy pen. Though we do our best to ensure ideal shipping conditions, we recommend ensuring someone is present to receive and sign for your package right away to keep your medication within the required range.

Shipping conditions

In some cases we may add ice packs to help keep the medication temperature between 2 and 30°C. If you find a melted ice pack inside, don’t worry. This is normal and expected; the internal temperature of your medication should still be within the suitable range. However, we do recommend immediately moving it to a temperature-monitored location.

How to check the stability of your medication

Your Wegovy pen has a window where you can see the medication liquid inside. If the liquid is clear and colourless (like water), your medication is stable and ready to be used. It’s important to use your medication within the 8 week shelf life that’s indicated by the pharmacy label guidelines. Check the neon green pharmacy label on your pen for the exact expiration date.

The pharmacy label date may be different from the medication expiry date on the Wegovy pen box. This is because we’ve processed the medication at room temperature and updated the new expiration date accordingly. 

If you notice anything floating in your medication (e.g. if it looks more like lemonade than water), or if the liquid is a different colour than clear, don’t take your medication. Book a call with a Felix pharmacist, and a Felix pharmacist will advise you on next steps.

How to properly dispose of your medication

Safe disposal of your Wegovy pen is important. You’ll be provided with a sharps disposal kit and proper instructions as part of your medication. Make sure that you’re safely disposing of your pens with the sharps disposal kit.

Now that you know how to properly receive, store, use, and dispose of your Wegovy pen, you're all set to smoothly integrate the medication into your weekly routine. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to talk to a Felix pharmacist, or reach out to us at hello@felixforyou.ca. 

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