Is Lolo a combination pill?

Lolo is a combination pill, meaning it contains a combination of estrogen and progestin. Pills containing these hormones are called combined estrogen-progestin oral contraceptives (COCs). When people refer to “the pill,” they typically use it as a catch-all phrase that can refer to any COCs.

Lolo, also known as Lo Loestrin, is considered a low-dose COC and a safe and reliable contraceptive for most women. Like other combination pills, Lolo contains both estrogen and progestin components. However, Lolo is considered an ultra-low dose choice since it provides an even lower dose of estrogen than other pills that are also regarded as low doses. 

Suppose someone wants to use a combination oral contraceptive but is concerned about exposure to higher estrogen levels. In that case, Lolo is an option that minimizes the extra estrogen while still providing adequate protection against unplanned pregnancies. 

Unlike other low-dose COCs, such as Alesse and its generic alternative, Alysena, Lolo is a multiphasic contraceptive. This means the daily dose will vary depending on the cycle phase rather than staying consistent throughout the entire pack of pills.