Is Freya a combination pill?

Freya is a combination pill, meaning it contains both estrogen and progestin. This makes Freya a combined estrogen-progestin oral contraceptive (COC), which is what people typically refer to when they talk about “the pill” or birth control pills. In the case of Freya, the specific kinds of estrogen and progestin are ethinyl estradiol and desogestrel. These hormones work together to reduce the likelihood of becoming pregnant in two ways. The first effect of the hormones is to inhibit the monthly release of an egg by your ovaries. If no egg is released, there can be no pregnancy. The second effect is that the lining of the womb, known as the endometrium, and the mucus of the cervix become thicker reducing the chance that the sperm can reach an egg or that an egg can implant into the uterus wall. Since Freya is a monophasic combination pill, all of the pills contain the exact same dose of each hormone. This means you can choose to skip the inactive pills or the week off between packs and go right into your next pack if you wish to skip your period.