How much does Lolo birth control cost?

The cost of Lolo birth control will depend on your insurance coverage if you happen to have any. Choose to get your Lolo prescription written and filled out online through Felix. You will be able to see the estimated cost of Lolo (and any other oral contraceptive you discuss) during your online visit. 

The estimated cost you see will not include any insurance or benefits coverage you may have, which would bring the cost down. In Canada, it is illegal to display market pricing for prescription medication, but your online visit will clear up any questions about Lolo, including the price. The prices you’ll see will include the pharmacy fill fee on your refill schedule. 

Unlike some other brand-name oral contraceptives, such as Alesse, there is no generic alternative to Lolo. In cases where there is a generic version of a drug you are prescribed, the generic product will typically be available at a lower price than the brand-name product. 

Felix charges $40 for your online visit, but you will only be charged this if and when a healthcare practitioner approves you. The visit fee includes a prescription that will be valid for 12 months and support from the doctor or pharmacist.