How long does it take for Alysena to work?

It takes Alysena up to 7 days to work. Like other combined estrogen-progestin oral contraceptives (COCs), it can take about a week for Alysena to take effect when taken correctly, and it is advisable to use a backup method of birth control for two weeks after you start taking the pill to be protected from pregnancy.

Alysena should be taken at the same time every day to be effective, and taking it at different times of day will reduce its efficacy and increase the chances of experiencing an unwanted pregnancy. You can begin taking Alysena at any point in your cycle. Once you’ve been taking it at the same time every day for two weeks, you can stop using your backup method of birth control since you’ll be experiencing the full effectiveness of your oral contraceptive.

If you ever go off of Alysena and resume taking it in the future, you should wait the full two weeks again to make sure you’re protected. It is also important to remember that oral contraceptives like Alysena are not effective against STIs, only against pregnancy. If you require protection from STIs a barrier method of protection, such as a condom, is needed.