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Serving you during COVID-19

Key Takeaways

As a Canadian essential services provider, we want to provide an update on our service during this period of uncertainty. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality of service that we can during these times and will continue to adjust our processes to ensure our customers remain our highest priority.

Additionally, we are taking every precaution possible, following the latest information from the World Health Organization and Health Canada to protect our employees, our partners and our valued customers.

Pharmacy Services

From time to time, your pharmacist may be required to substitute your medicine to a bioequivalent (generic) option to ensure continuity of your supply. When a generic drug is bioequivalent to the brand-name version, there is no meaningful difference between them in terms of the drug’s safety and the way in which the drug works in the body. A bioequivalent generic drug is as safe and as effective as the brand-name version. The necessity to substitute for generics is a result of supply chain issues due to COVID-19 and government restrictions that are designed to ensure pharmacies across the country can continue to provide a reliable supply. Learn more about what constitutes a bioequivalent drug here.

We want to also take this opportunity to reassure you that prescription refills are still being processed and shipped on schedule. Your refill date displayed within your account is the date that the pharmacy will begin processing your medication fill. This includes an eight day buffer from when you would theoretically run out of your medication, to allow for the pharmacy to work through the high volume of orders as well as for CanadaPost shipping times. If you are running out of your medication ahead of schedule, you can make use of the early refill request within your account or by reaching out to support.

Courier Services

We have outlined the recent updates from CanadaPost and how these changes will affect Felix prescription delivery:

  • A signature is no longer required by Canada Post for the delivery of your package. They will generally leave this in your mailbox or on your porch as they implement a ‘Knock, drop and go approach’
  • Please double check all areas where this could have been left safely
  • At this time, we also encourage you to safeguard your package as soon as possible by using the tracking number provided via email

Our team remains committed to making your health our priority and we will continue to keep you updated.Our support team can be reached through all of the usual channels and are ready to assist you, if needed.

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